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The most comprehensive new home warranty offered in our community

The JL Linder Group provides 10-year protection on major structural components of your new home with our 2-10 Warranty. In the first year, The JL Linder Group guarantees your home to be free of any defects due to faulty workmanship and materials. In the second year, we continue to provide warranty coverage on all of the major systems within the home.

The JL Linder Group 2-10 Warranty protects you from the day you close on your new home. Your signed 2-10 Warranty booklet clearly explains every item: homeowners know exactly whom to contact, what is covered and who is responsible for repairs.

No deductible is required in the 2-10 Warranty. The JL Linder Group pays all repair costs, including labor and materials. Appliances and mechanical equipment are covered by the manufacturers' warranties assigned to the homeowner; therefore, they are not included in The JL Linder Group 2-10 Warranty beyond the first year of homeownership. Some Manufacturers' warranties may extend beyond a year (depending upon the manufacturer).

Transferable warranty increases value

If you decide to sell your new home, any portion of the remaining first-year coverage is fully transferred to the new owner. The new owner automatically receives coverage on major structural components for 10 years from the original owner's purchase date. There is no paperwork involved-all the seller has to do is give the 2-10 Warranty booklet to the new owner. It's one more feature that adds to the exceptional resale value of a JL Linder Group home.

Why The JL Linder Group provides its own warranty

For decades, The JL Linder Group has been committed to building the best homes in the industry. Because of this, we can offer you the finest new home guarantee in the area. When you invest in a JL Linder Group home, you can rest assured your new home has been professionally crafted from top to bottom, start to finish. You have our commitment in writing. Our 2-10 Warranty simply but thoroughly outlines the cost-free protection you receive as a JL Linder Group homeowner.